In Our Image – Volume 5 Chapter 4

Author’s Note: Sorry for the long absence, school has really been eating into my time lately. Expect a post about the schedule for the coming month’s soon! Thanks for the patience!

Volume 5 – Chapter 4

The angel sat in a delicate metal chair, arms folded as he curled a lock of his golden hair between two fingers. In front of him, a small basket full of bread rolls sat–an appetizer he had ordered less from hunger and more from habit, although he was currently chewing absentmindedly on his second.

Glancing around, he appraised the other customers of the small cafe, silently assessing their mannerisms, determining whether they posed a threat to the secrecy of his upcoming meeting. He had learned long ago that one could never be too careful in such matters, and so was very thorough in his observation, but eventually he let it rest–they seemed to be nothing more than average humans.

Finally, with that squared away, he turned to look across the street, and he waited.

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