In Our Image – Volume 2 Chapter 8

Author’s Note: Volume 2 is officially done! Hope you enjoyed, and we’ll move onto Volume 3 shortly.

Volume 2 – Chapter 8

We held our weapons high as they burned through worlds, forming from nothing, changing to suit our hands. The weight of my bat altered, becoming heavier and, strangely, familiar. My fingers closed around the hilt as if I had done it a thousand times before.

I looked down just as the light reflected off of the dark blade, nearly blinding me, causing me to look away immediately.

But I had seen it. And, more importantly, I felt it.

By the time we reached the soldiers, we no longer held a bat and a broom. Somehow, beyond all reason, we held swords.

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In Our Image – Volume 2 Chapter 7

Author’s Note:  The penultimate chapter of Volume 2, now things get serious!

Volume 2 – Chapter 7

The weird thing was, I didn’t just hear the bird chirping, at least not in the normal way. While the soft coos of some sort of bird did reach my ears, that wasn’t all–somehow, I could also tell where the bird was, despite the fact that there were hundreds of trees just down the hill.

That, in itself, was enough to get me to check out what was going on, and I turned around to get the others in on it. They were all pretty far behind me, Asher and Miller barely jogging above the speed of a walk and Ayame keeping back with them out of what I guessed was pure politeness.

Well, no use in going all the way back there, I thought, and cupped my hands over my mouth.

“Hey, guys!” I shouted, pointing at the line of trees while I did so. “There’s something down here. I’m going to go see what it is!”

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