In Our Image – Volume 4 Chapter 5

Author’s Note: You all knew the beach episode was coming. Enjoy!

Volume 4 – Chapter 5

White-hot sand engulfed my feet, rising up to my ankles, individual grains working their way into the crevices between my toes and sticking to my pale skin as I raised my feet for another step. Continuing down the beach, I imagined myself as a soldier marching through the muddy fields of a foreign country, balling my hands into fists and swinging my arms as I searched for a spot to settle in.

My friends followed a few steps behind me, Asher and Miller shading their eyes and offering suggestions on where they thought we should sit, which I promptly ignored.

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In Our Image – Volume 4 Chapter 4

Ambriel sat on the edge of the stone bridge, feet dangling, looking over the dark water and wondering when he was going to get there. Wringing her hands together, she began to whistle the theme of a television show that had been popular in the late 1950’s, trying her best to raise its volume above the constant buzz of crickets surrounding her.

She whistled, eyes flicking back and forth down the dark road behind her, and waited.

He appeared on the twenty-seventh repetition, strolling down the walkway gingerly, hands shoved in the pockets of an oversized trenchcoat. Even in the middle of the night, from thirty feet away, Ambriel could see his hair, the color of dandelions, spilling over his shoulders and framing his pale, moonlit face. Squaring her shoulders, she faced the dark water once again, taking a deep breath.

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In Our Image – Volume 4 Chapter 3

By the time that I made it outside of the school building and completed the journey to the soccer field, where we held our meetings, most of the members had already arrived. Laying down wherever they could find room, they dominated the field, covering the entire area in blankets, pillows, bags, and whatever else they had decided to bring with them.

Natalie, the girl who had come to notify me of the meeting, as well as the treasurer of the Cloud watching club, led the way, her knotted hair bouncing up and down as she stepped over the bodies of students, filling me in on the details of the meeting as we went.

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In Our Image – Volume 4 Chapter 2

The sun beat through the open windows in shaky beams of heat, raising the temperature of the classroom well above that which a human could be reasonably expected to endure. For some reason, I had steeped myself in the delusion that, in the midst of a literal heatwave, the school’s air conditioning would kick in and prevent its students from weathering the fires of hell.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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