About the Story

“In Our Image” is an Original English Light Novel/Web Novel, which follows the teenagers Cat, Asher, and their friends as they are forcefully thrown into the world of the supernatural, of angels and demons, and led on a new path of discovery about their world, their friendships, and even themselves. As they encounter ghosts, ancient warriors, meet with angels and face their own inner demons, what will the pair discover, and how will it affect how they view the world, and their place in it? Find out in this unique blend of the Supernatural, Comedy, and Slice of Life genres!

The origin story of “In Our Image” is a long one, but I’ll write out an abridged version here:

Years ago, me and my friend, VenomGhost, were talking, and came up with a fun idea for a manga/comic that we could create. It involved an angel, a demon and, of course, high-schoolers, and was intended to be purely comical, making fun of and parodying typical anime and manga tropes and generally being a wacky, fun-loving series. Through the course of planning (and even drawing), however, the story itself mutated, branching out from its original mold and taking on a new shape, one which couldn’t be contained by the “Supernatural Comedy” label.

So, in the effort of accommodating this evolution, the original manga story was transitioned into the form of an Original English Light Novel, which is how “In Our Image” was born. Now, years of planning, writing, and (unfortunately) procrastinating later, the story is ready to be released.

Thanks for checking out the story, and I hope you enjoy! To start reading, head to the Table of Contents!


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