In Our Image – Volume 5 Chapter 4

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Volume 5 – Chapter 4

The angel sat in a delicate metal chair, arms folded as he curled a lock of his golden hair between two fingers. In front of him, a small basket full of bread rolls sat–an appetizer he had ordered less from hunger and more from habit, although he was currently chewing absentmindedly on his second.

Glancing around, he appraised the other customers of the small cafe, silently assessing their mannerisms, determining whether they posed a threat to the secrecy of his upcoming meeting. He had learned long ago that one could never be too careful in such matters, and so was very thorough in his observation, but eventually he let it rest–they seemed to be nothing more than average humans.

Finally, with that squared away, he turned to look across the street, and he waited.

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In Our Image – Volume 5 Chapter 3

Author’s Note: Sorry for the week delay, and I hope you enjoy this chapter! Thanks for reading!

Volume 5 – Chapter 3

I woke Cat up by knocking on her door–or, rather, someone was sent to wake her up after I knocked on her door. Meanwhile, I sat on an ornate bench in the main hall of her home, staring at the ceiling and marveling at just how huge everything was compared to what I was used to.

Of course, I knew her parents were both popular scientists, but how anybody could get so wealthy simply through academia was a little beyond me. Maybe they had some business or investments on the side that Cat had never mentioned?

Ultimately, however, I knew it wasn’t really my business to worry about, and I let that line of thought drop off, waiting for Cat to make her way downstairs.

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In Our Image – Volume 5 Chapter 2

I woke up when someone started knocking on my door. For a second, I thought the rapid burst of thumps coming from the other room might just be the remnants of a dream crossing into reality, but when they came again I knew I would have to get out of bed.

Slowly, I swung my legs over the side of the bed, and headed out to the main room with heavy steps. Standing in front of the door, I thought that maybe I should have checked a mirror or something, but decided it was too late. Hoping I didn’t look too awful, I opened the door.

Asher stood on my porch, wearing a baggy black t-shirt and shorts, holding onto the straps of the small backpack he hanging from his shoulders. As soon as he saw me, he raised his eyebrows.

“You look like death.”

“Good morning.”

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In Our Image – Volume 5 Chapter 1

Author’s Note: And we begin a new Volume! Lots of big things to come from Volume 5, so I hope you will all stick with me and the story. Thanks!

Volume 5 – Chapter 1

The sky was dark when he awoke, and he sat up quickly, knowing it would soon be time to start the day. As he sat, waiting for his head to stop spinning from the sudden movement, he brought a hand to his chest.

It still ached, still felt as if someone had taken a block of carved stone and set it on top of his lungs, but he believed the discomfort had lessened from the previous day. He was not better, he knew, but if he moved around and loosened up, the pain would surely be bearable.

He forced himself to rise, pounding his fists on his thighs to keep them from shaking, and moved from his corner to the center of the room. Picking up a pail by its well-worn handle, he drank deeply, before filling his pouch with the warm water for later in the day.

Before long, his thoughts drifted to the work he needed to complete, and he wondered if maybe he could finish before dark, as then he would be able to work on mending the stable door. He pulled his tunic on over his head, coughing lightly from the quick movement.

When he opened his eyes after the small fit, he saw his sister standing in front of him.

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In Our Image – Volume 4 Chapter 8

Author’s Note: Here we go, the finale to Volume 4! How did you guys enjoy this volume, and what do you think of the story so far? Let me know!

Volume 4 – Chapter 8

Saying that Asher randomly grabbing me by the arm and pulling me out of our boat surprised me would definitely be an understatement. One minute, I’m standing in front of Nestor, looking cool with my sword held up and ready to fight, and the next I’m dragged into the ocean.

And you think you know a guy.

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In Our Image – Volume 4 Chapter 7

I knew it was a bad idea the second I hit the water. While it’s one thing to look at the ocean, waves rising from underneath the blanket of water and rolling slowly towards shore, it’s an entirely different experience to actually be in it. Actually being in the water, all of your expectations are shattered–what might look like a small wave on the surface can instantly turn into a swell beneath, pushing you around like a leaf on a stream.

Add that to the fact that I’m not the strongest swimmer to begin with, and you can probably guess that I was having a pretty bad time.

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In Our Image – Volume 4 Chapter 6

Author’s Note: building up to the climax of Volume 4. Hope you all enjoy!

Volume 4 – Chapter 6

The bronze circle flew towards the sky, flipping over upon itself rapidly, catching and reflecting rays of light, before sinking back to earth and digging into the sand with a soft thud.

“Heads.” Miller announced, picking up the penny and placing it carefully on top of the nail of his left thumb. “That’s three in a row for me. You ready?”

“Hit it.” I replied immediately, at which Miller nodded and sent the coin tumbling back into the air. With a split-second’s thought, I raced to get my pick before he could, calling out “Tails.”

He nodded once again, and the penny made its quick descent to the world of man, plummeting into the miniscule grains that made up the surface of the beach. With one deft movement, I reached forward, brushing the particles of sand off of its face and revealing my fate.

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