In Our Image – Volume 3 Chapter 3


After getting home from school, I headed to my room immediately, throwing my bag on the rumpled sheets of my bed and searching for something to do to occupy my time until I headed to the library with Ayame. After cycling through reading, doing my homework, studying for class, watching TV, and playing video games–all of which, for some reason, couldn’t seem to hold my attention for any more than twenty minutes–I ended up downstairs in my kitchen, glancing occasionally at the ticking clock while sipping some water.

As I sat at the wooden table in the center of the room, tapping out a simple beat on the surface, I heard a soft “clink” behind me, and turned to see my mother standing at the sink, washing off a plate she must have just been using. I returned to my resting position, and resumed my erratically-tempoed rhythm.

“What are you doing?” my mom asked, her voice ringing above the dull thuds my fingers continued to produce. Although she had started with a single dish, I guess she had decided to take care of the remaining dishes in the sink. While she scrubbed away the remnants of the omelet I’d had that morning, she looked at me expectantly.  

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In Our Image – Volume 3 Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Sorry about the delay, hope you all enjoy!

Volume 3 – Chapter 2

My first thought when I woke up, alarm beeping softly in the periphery of my consciousness, was that my shoulders and arms had decided to rebel against the rest of my body, ready to detach at any moment. As I regained the presence of mind that came with wakefulness, of course, I realized that they were just sore, but by that point, I would have preferred the former.

The struggle to get myself out of bed was no joke, but somehow, I managed, and went through my normal morning routine in a general haze brought on both by my lack of sleep and the fact that I had just woken up. Before I knew it, I had gotten myself ready for school, and bought myself about thirty minutes before I had to head out of the door and begin the day.

Without thinking about it, I drew back my curtains and glanced at my front yard. Of course, no one was there–Cat and Miller had already let me know that they wouldn’t be able to walk to school that day, as they had work to do with their club and, while it struck me odd that the ultimate frisbee club had any activities to take care of at seven in the morning, I decided not to question it.

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In Our Image – Volume 3 Chapter 1

Author’s Note: First chapter of Volume 3! Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far!

Volume 3 – Chapter 1

He stepped out of the mist and into a large courtyard where, surrounded by an impenetrable fortress of thick-trunked olive trees, the angels congregated, pausing in their flux between the world of man and the world of the divine to rest, to find, to learn.

It felt like years since Sariel had last set foot in Paradise and, recalling how quickly the passage of time flowed in the world of mortal men, he realized it probably had been.

As he stepped forward, according to custom, the angel shed his earthly form, revealing wings long-kept hidden. In this world they shone, a soft light as thin as mist spreading out above his shoulders in a nebulous form, weighed down only by the consuming darkness present at their own edges.

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