In Our Image – Volume 2 Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Oh, cool, another chap–wait a minute, is this in Cat’s POV? That’s right, now we get to hear about these crazy adventures straight from the girl who causes them! I hope you enjoy.

Volume 2 – Chapter 2

My alarm pulled me from my sleep, ringing in my ears like a trumpet-player hitting a high note, and I shot up, rolling to my side to avoid the sound and nearly falling off of my bed. But, before that could happen, I shot my arm out, slamming it on top of my nightstand and saving myself from a future laying face-first on my bedroom floor.

Rubbing sleep from my eyes, I took a look around my room, blinking slowly and trying, without any luck, to convince myself to sit up and get out from under the haphazardly-arranged sheets.

It was only 7:30, but rays of bright light already dominated my room, hitting the mirror on the far wall and reflecting onto nearly everything within it, from my closet door, to my laptop and even the dirty clothes strewn across the floor.

Scratching my head, sending small strands of red into my face, I thought about how hot the day ahead was probably going to be–if it was already so hot this early, I could just imagine what a blazing day I had ahead.

Just then, as I sat groggily in my bed, contemplating the day that had hardly even begun, I realized something.


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In Our Image – Book COVER


It’s here! In Our Image now has an official cover, courtesy of resident artist VenomGhost!

So, do Cat and Asher look like you imagined them, or are they far off from what you think they looked like? Let me know!

I’m very excited to share this with you, and want to thank you all for sticking around, and of course thank VenomGhost for drawing the wonderful cover. In Our Image final has its own image!

Be sure to head over and check out VenomGhost’s other art on her Tumblr, and if you’d like to read the actual story of In Our Image you can head to the Table of Contents to get started! Thank you!

In Our Image – Volume 2 Chapter 1

Author’s Note: Here we go, the beginning of Volume 2. I hope you’ll stick with me as we move ahead in the story!

Volume 2 – Chapter 1

Light filtered through the canopy, bouncing off of the faces of round leaves and casting slanted shadows on the uneven forest floor. Following a path more ancient than many of this world’s most prominent civilizations, two angels strolled through, taking care to keep straight and avoid veering into the thick underbrush.

As they advanced, feet crunching on long-fallen leaves, the angel following behind raised his head, dark hair shifting in the breeze, and shielded his eyes from the unevenly distributed rays of light.

“I’ll admit, I find it hard to concentrate here,” he said, blinking. “The sun comes in at such an odd angle, it is nearly impossible to avoid its glare obstructing your vision. Maybe in the future we should choose a more agreeable location to spend our evenings.”

His companion looked up into his squinted eyes, and gave him a slightly apologetic smile. “I know, I know, it can be a little jarring, but still, I don’t think we should choose another place. The light makes everything look so much more vibrant and colorful. I don’t want to give up on that just yet.”

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In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 7

Author’s Note: Here it is, the last chapter of Volume 1! I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far, and let me know what you think!

Volume 1 – Chapter 7

The thing came at me so fast that I didn’t even have time to react, but, luckily, it had terrible aim. Dashing past me, accomplishing nothing more than to force a cool breeze across my side, the figure shot free of the stone it had been hiding in, coming to rest behind me and my friends.

There was no way to tell what had happened–the shadow could have been anything–and I tried to tell myself that it was just a bat, or some other unlikely coincidence, but the attempt was short-lived. We had all seen the seemingly ever-expanding mist, we had each felt the rush of impossibly cool wind as the shadow passed us, we all had the same feeling deep in our souls.

This wasn’t a coincidence.

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In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 6

Author’s Note: Long chapter today, I hope you enjoy!

Volume 1 – Chapter 6

When I opened my eyes, I found that I was laying on the floor, still dressed in my makeshift armor from the previous night and with a large blanket thrown haphazardly over my body, covering only my right leg and half of my torso. After a moment of grogginess in which I heavily debated with myself on whether to get up or go back to sleep, I pushed myself into a sitting position, letting the pot fall off of my head and clatter to the ground.

Miller was at my side, laying on his stomach with the lower half of his body hidden under the bed and the upper half covered by a blanket identical to mine. Although he seemed to be sleeping soundly, he woke up when the cookware made contact with the floor, fumbling around under the cover for a few moments before poking his head out and squinting at the sudden presence of light.

“What happened?” he asked, standing and stretching with a yawn. I did the same, and was surprised to find that, after moving, I didn’t feel tired at all, despite only getting around five hours of sleep.

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In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 5

Author’s Note: A pretty laid back chapter, but this marks the beginning of the story picking up. I hope you look forward to it!

Volume 1 – Chapter 5

After dragging us backwards through the halls of the part of the house we had just traveled and then taking us in an entirely new direction, keeping a vice grip on our wrists the entire time, Cat dropped us unceremoniously into  the guest room, allowing us to fall through the doorway and crash to the ground.

“Dinner’s in ten minutes,” she said in an official, commanding tone. ‘Get changed and washed up–you’re both filthy. I’ll see you there.”

The receding sound of her footsteps told me that she had left, but I couldn’t be sure, as my face was still buried in the carpet from the fall. It smelled like lemons.

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