In Our Image – Volume 2 Chapter 6

Author’s Note: This is a fun chapter, hope you enjoy as we near the end of Volume 2!

Volume 2 – Chapter 6

Nearly a month after our second incident with a ghost, things had pretty much gone back to normal, at least in how we acted around each other. Of course, some things had changed–Asher was reading and searching the internet a lot more often, looking for information on ghosts and the supernatural, and Ayame had suddenly become much more interested in our trip to Italy and the brush with the ghost there–but overall, we were the same as we’d always been.

Meaning, at the moment, I was having fun.

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In Our Image – Volume 2 Chapter 5

Author’s Note: Short chapter, but we’re starting to see an advancement in the story here. Enjoy!

Volume 2 – Chapter 5

The moon, a waning crescent the color of paper left to sit too long in the reams, hung low in the sky, casting a dull and slanted light on the grassy field. Alone, an angel walked, hands shoved in the oversized pockets of his trenchcoat as he noticed with despair the droplets of water congregating on the top of his genuine-leather shoes.

With a sigh, he quickened his pace, heading for the line of trees barely visible in the dark, where they stood towering over a line of small sheds with far-too-large padlocks twisted onto their fronts, protecting the sports equipment and gardening tools inside from prying, foreign hands.

The angel squeezed his way between the rough wooden walls of the nearest sheds and descended a slight hill, stopping to glance up at the tops of the trees for a moment before turning his attention to the ground. He ran a finger over the roots, the thin blades of grass, before reaching into his pocket again.

This will do, he thought, producing a small silk bag emblazoned with a shining sun. He reached in and tenderly brought forth a cluster of small, yellowed teeth, which he cupped between his hands as if they were as valuable as a freshly-cut diamond–which, he thought with a smirk, they were.

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In Our Image – Volume 2 Chapter 4

Author’s Note: Wait, another new POV? That’s right, today’s chapter comes to you from Ayame’s point of view! Hope you all enjoy.

Volume 2 – Chapter 4

I was in what used to be a kitchen, examining the tarnished silverware that littered the floor and wondering exactly what it was I was supposed to be looking for, when I heard Cat scream. The sound was muted, travelling through the faded, stained ceiling before reaching my ears, but it was unmistakable, and I moved toward the door to the living room without a second thought.

Before I could even reach the doorway I heard a rapid thumping sound, both above and in front of me, which led me to believe that both Asher and Miller were already on the move.

Good, I thought, entering the cluttered living room and stepping over a dusty ceiling fan box and around a busted cabinet. At least they’ll be there.

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In Our Image – Volume 2 Chapter 3

Volume 2 – Chapter 3

School couldn’t end quickly enough, and I found it difficult to pay any attention at all as my teachers cycled through our classroom, reading from thick books and trying, unsuccessfully, to get the students in my class to participate. Mostly, I just alternated between pushing the lead out of my pencil and holding down the eraser to force it back in–sure, it was probably going to come back to bite me later, but I had more important things on my mind.

As soon as I got through the school day, we were going to look for a ghost. Finally, after weeks of looking back on what happened in Italy and skirting around the topic with Asher and Miller, we were finally going to do something about it.

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