In Our Image – Volume 4 Chapter 1

Author’s Note: The start of a new volume, I hope you all enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you think!

Volume 4 – Chapter 1

Though his eyes were closed, Sariel’s vision swam with light, a swirling expanse of unearthly bright that drowned out the effectiveness of his other senses. In an effort to forget the present, he had decided to remember the past, and was stretching his focus to the outer edge of his consciousness and beyond, into the unknown reaches of thought, of time.

He traveled back, and found himself at the beginning.

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In Our Image – Volume 3 Chapter 7

Author’s Note: One of the most action-packed chapters so far, and also the finale of Volume 3! I hope you all enjoy!

Volume 3 – Chapter 7

They weren’t hard to find–by the time that I made it to the park, the strange sensation in my center that I had come to associate with Asher was strong enough that it probably would have been hard for me not to gravitate towards him–and, after minutes of feverish running, I stopped, panting, in front of the park bench.

Asher and Ayame were sitting closely, looking out over a small, dark pond, when I arrived. Although I felt a momentary sense of embarrassment at interrupting them, it didn’t last long, considering the fire-covered creep had already nearly reached us, throwing various  slurs in my direction while charging forward.

Immediately upon noticing my presence, the pair stood up, turning towards me with pretty intense levels of surprise. Not that I could really blame them–how often is your quiet evening in the park interrupted by a flaming maniac chasing a girl with huge sword at her side?

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In Our Image – Volume 3 Chapter 6

Ayame didn’t speak again as she led me outside, although, after a certain point, she did let go of my wrist, obviously believing that I wouldn’t be straying away any time soon. Even after she released her grip, the pressure of her touch didn’t disappear immediately, and I glanced at it as I shook it out.

The air outside was growing cool, and as we waded through the nearly empty sidewalks and streets of the neighborhood, passing by silent houses where dim light escaped through short, square windows, reaching into the darkening street and casting large, straight shadows on the ground. At one point, as we passed a house with a high, smudge-covered white fence, my ears were assaulted by the muted bark of a local dog, but aside from that, the night was silent, the background noises of the town fading into each other and leaving me alone with my thoughts.

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In Our Image – Volume 3 Chapter 5

Author’s Note: Some foul language in this chapter, just to warn you!

Volume 3 – Chapter 5

As the man stepped toward me, burning holes in the grass, steam rising from his skin, the air around me shifted from mild to stifling in an instant. His eyes, even more than the surrounding area, blazed, seeming to bore a hole straight through me as they locked with mine, a dangerous smile playing on his lips.

I tried to move, desperately, but something in his demeanor, his appearance, his very presence, kept me from doing so, and I remained rooted to the spot as he approached. Before I knew it, he was no more than a step away, leaning forward and extending his face over my right shoulder, his skin emitting waves of heat towards my face as he took a deep breath.

“Ah, you can see me?” he said, his voice normal aside from a deep, dark undertone of clanging metal that rang below the basic tenor of his vocal chords. “Isn’t that a surprise? You humans don’t usually catch me, once the taking’s complete.”

Trying to ignore his use of the word “humans” as a group separate from him, I gulped and, after a moment of concentration, managed “Who are you?”

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In Our Image – Volume 3 Chapter 4

My ceiling got really boring after about the first twenty minutes of staring at it and, looking for practically anything to do to pass the time, I found myself laying on my stomach on my bed while trying to sink a ping pong ball into a plastic cup on the opposite side of my room.

It wasn’t easy, but I was in it for the long haul–a tub of at least one hundred and fifty ping pong balls sat on the floor next to my bed, half empty with its missing contents scattered about my floor, and I hadn’t given up yet. Holding up what I hoped would be my lucky ball in front of my right eye, I stuck out my tongue and aimed, lobbing it forward.

The ball sailed through the air in a beautiful arc, coming down straight over the opening at the top of the cup, before shifting ever so slightly, bouncing off of the rim and rolling unevenly under my dresser, where it would most likely spend the rest of its life.


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