In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 7

Author’s Note: Here it is, the last chapter of Volume 1! I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far, and let me know what you think!

Volume 1 – Chapter 7

The thing came at me so fast that I didn’t even have time to react, but, luckily, it had terrible aim. Dashing past me, accomplishing nothing more than to force a cool breeze across my side, the figure shot free of the stone it had been hiding in, coming to rest behind me and my friends.

There was no way to tell what had happened–the shadow could have been anything–and I tried to tell myself that it was just a bat, or some other unlikely coincidence, but the attempt was short-lived. We had all seen the seemingly ever-expanding mist, we had each felt the rush of impossibly cool wind as the shadow passed us, we all had the same feeling deep in our souls.

This wasn’t a coincidence.

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In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 6

Author’s Note: Long chapter today, I hope you enjoy!

Volume 1 – Chapter 6

When I opened my eyes, I found that I was laying on the floor, still dressed in my makeshift armor from the previous night and with a large blanket thrown haphazardly over my body, covering only my right leg and half of my torso. After a moment of grogginess in which I heavily debated with myself on whether to get up or go back to sleep, I pushed myself into a sitting position, letting the pot fall off of my head and clatter to the ground.

Miller was at my side, laying on his stomach with the lower half of his body hidden under the bed and the upper half covered by a blanket identical to mine. Although he seemed to be sleeping soundly, he woke up when the cookware made contact with the floor, fumbling around under the cover for a few moments before poking his head out and squinting at the sudden presence of light.

“What happened?” he asked, standing and stretching with a yawn. I did the same, and was surprised to find that, after moving, I didn’t feel tired at all, despite only getting around five hours of sleep.

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In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 5

Author’s Note: A pretty laid back chapter, but this marks the beginning of the story picking up. I hope you look forward to it!

Volume 1 – Chapter 5

After dragging us backwards through the halls of the part of the house we had just traveled and then taking us in an entirely new direction, keeping a vice grip on our wrists the entire time, Cat dropped us unceremoniously into  the guest room, allowing us to fall through the doorway and crash to the ground.

“Dinner’s in ten minutes,” she said in an official, commanding tone. ‘Get changed and washed up–you’re both filthy. I’ll see you there.”

The receding sound of her footsteps told me that she had left, but I couldn’t be sure, as my face was still buried in the carpet from the fall. It smelled like lemons.

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In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 4

Author’s Note: Here’s a bit of a longer chapter for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

Volume 1 – Chapter 4

There was no one around, everyone having either already gone home or to other parts of the school to take part in various activities, which allowed Cat to move even faster than usual. In no time at all, she had left me behind, speeding through the empty corridor and laughing.

I thought she might leave the building without me, but after a few minutes she reappeared, running towards rather than away from me, and for a second I feared we would have a repeat of the incident with that random kid a few minutes earlier.

Thankfully, however, we both stopped before that happened, and Cat instead moved to my side, matching my pace.

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In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 3

Author’s Note: Sorry for the late release, guys! I hope you enjoy it.

Volume 1 – Chapter 3

Miller and I made it to school about fifteen minutes after leaving Cat behind–when she’s not with us, our amount of time fooling around drastically decreases, and we cut our travel time nearly in half. It was an odd experience, walking through the gates and not encountering a wave of latecomers, with whom we’re usually included, but I’d have to say I enjoyed it. Leisurely, we headed to our homeroom.

The halls were nearly empty, and the few people who were there paid me no attention, a refreshing change from the usual routine. Cat tends to draw quite a bit of attention naturally, and so it’s often hard to avoid the curious gaze of my peers.

But that morning I was invisible, and it made me happy.

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In Our Image – Volume 1 Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Short chapter today, but I hope you enjoy!

Volume 1 – Chapter 2


Her voice travelled through the air, bouncing off of the clouds, clanging from the sidewalk, and shattering through the window until it reached my ears with a screech. I opened my eyes.


Surely it was the voice of an angel, sent from the high heavens to pull me from my slumber, get me ready for the day ahead. A heavenly herald of my very own.


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In Our Image Web Novel – Release Schedule

Hey guys, this is Cirrus, and I’m here to make an announcement: starting today, December 6th, the release of my web novel “In Our Image” has officially begun! So, now that the wheels are finally turning on this story, I figured I should probably give you guys a rough idea on around when the new chapters will be coming out, for those of you who wish to keep reading.

As it stands now, the chapter release schedule is looking to be weekly–that is, one week from today Volume 1 Chapter 2 should be out. I’ll try to be consistent with this, but there’s always the chance that life (or, more likely, writing/editing) will get in the way. If that’s the case, however, I’ll try to inform you guys early on.

Aside from that, I don’t really have too much to say right now, other than I hope you enjoy the story. I’d appreciate it if you guys could let me know what you think about the site, the schedule, and the story itself, so I can continue to improve. Thanks!

Read Chapter 1 here, check the Table of Contents for more chapters, or check out the About section for more information! Thanks for reading.