In Our Image – First Post and Preview!

Hey guys, this is cirruscloud, and I’m currently making my first post. Unfortunately, the first volume of “In Our Image”, the story that I will be posting on this site, has yet to be edited, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t give you at least a little taste of what’s to come!

First of all, let me explain the project:

“In Our Image” is an Original English Light Novel, which follows the teenagers Cat, Asher, and their friends as they are forcefully thrown into the world of the supernatural, of angels and demons, and led on a new path of discovery about their world, their friendships, and even themselves. As they encounter ghosts, ancient warriors, meet with angels and face their own inner demons, what will the pair discover, and how will it affect how they view the world, and their place in it? Find out in this unique blend of the Supernatural, Comedy, and Slice of Life genres!

So, that’s a small description of the story, and now, I hope you enjoy this short preview of the first chapter. The official release date of the story is currently unknown, but I hope you’ll stick with me until then, so that we can all go on this journey together. Thank you!


Chapter 1

We all know the story of how God created the universe. How before there was death, there was life; how, before our ancestors began descending from the trees, the angels resided in paradise; how before one-third of God’s servants turned against him, there was the catalyst.

Yes, most of us know of God and his works, but what many do not know is that before God commanded peace, there was war.

Four thousand feet above the ancient jungle, an angel and a demon fought below an orange sky, exchanging blows and meeting blades, two primordial powers pushing and pulling for frail dominance.

“What’s the matter, Sariel?” The demon sneered at her companion, showing pointed teeth. “You seem particularly slow today.”

“Quiet, Remiel.” Though his cold eyes remained unchanged, the quickening of the angel’s movements did not escape the demon’s notice. With lightning speed he brought his sword down, Remiel falling back with practiced ease to avoid certain death. Her grin widened, and Sariel clenched his teeth.

“Admit it, angel. You’re slipping.” Her grip tightened around the hilt of her jagged blade. “Sooner or later I’m going to get the upper hand.”

“I am working in accordance with the will of our Father. He will not allow me to fail.”

“We both know that’s not true. He has failed us before, and He will fail us again.”

The sharpening of his eyes gave Remiel hope, and she shot forward, dark blade held high. Unfortunately for the demon, years of strife had deepened his perception of her actions. Before Remiel had even formed the thought, Sariel was dodging, rising into the air and leaving his adversary to strike at nothing.

Wasting no time, the angel dove down at his rival in an attempt to finish his job before she recovered. His sword came down, the demon barely catching it in the spikes of her own, and Sariel pushed forward, registering the widening of her eyes before giving a final burst of force and sending her spiraling towards the ground.

The fall was nowhere near as spectacular as her first, but it still culminated in a satisfyingly large impact on the forest floor, causing the earth to churn in protest. Smoke rose from the newly-created crater, obscuring the angel’s view as he lowered himself to the ground. His feet crunched on broken stones and splintered wood, and he looked out for his adversary.

“It is over, demon. Cease your resistance and return with me to our Father. Accept your punishment, and your sins will be forgiven.”

“How many times did you practice that line before you came here, Sariel? It sounds nice, but I’m afraid it lacks sincerity.”

“The word of the Lord is not a joke, Remiel. Our Father has offered you the chance to atone for your sins. I suggest you take it.”

“Aw, isn’t that sweet of Him? Next time you see the old man, make sure you give Him a big hug for me, alright?”

“Enough. Give me your answer, or I will be forced to assume you wish to act against Him.”

Sariel could practically feel the demon’s grin through the shifting dust, and he stepped forward, not wishing to be blind to her further actions. She made no movement, but her voice slipped through the particles of dust like a serpent.

“No need to assume, old friend—you can take my answer directly to the source. No.”

Before the words had even escaped her lips, Sariel could hear the crunching of her feet as she approached him. First one, then another, the steps grew closer together as Remiel broke into a run. Sariel raised his sword just as she burst out of the clearing haze and struck.

Their blades and eyes met under the searing sun, Heaven and Hell’s eternal struggle continuing in new hosts. Remiel stared at the angel through the fires of two worlds, her mouth forming words that could not be heard over the din of battle. Whatever it was she was saying, Sariel hoped she meant it.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————— And that’s all she–well, I guess “I”–wrote! Again, this is only a teaser of the first chapter, meaning that there is more to come in the future! If you have any comments, I’d be happy to read them, and stay tuned for more. Thank you!


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